In the period of exacerbation of gastritis diet (high and low acid) + Menu

Gastritis stomach pain

Gastritis – the disease is common in all age groups and. Many predisposing factors for the disease, in particular:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • feeding error;
  • often stress;
  • taking certain medicines.

Women often face symptoms of gastritis, stomach pregnant growing uterus and digestive processes when pinched for food was lost. Diet gastritis one of the main components of acute treatment, especially a woman is expecting a baby, and many drugs it is forbidden for her to drink.

During the acute phase of gastritis diet value

Sometimes a disease, acute, and "visited" once human, now it's back. But most often becomes a chronic gastritis. Aggravation chapter, then, happens from time to time, a time, when for one reason or another activates the inflammatory process. You have to go re-treatment.

Great importance of nutrition in the period of exacerbation of gastritis. Some drugs we won't get anywhere: under the mucosa active inflammation and non-compliance for the diet will take damage again. Without treatment diet is inefficient. To minimize irritation of the skin mucous membranes already have all the necessary factors.

Acute symptoms are:

  • pain in the stomach;
  • epigastric violence;
  • heartburn;
  • burps;
  • periodic nausea.

Of course, they all necessarily visible, also the symptoms of gastritis are different different kinds. Sometimes the only symptom is pain – ulcers usually "hunger pains", i.e. the resulting gastritis can be used for a long time it didn't take a person food.

During the acute phase of chronic gastritis needs careful treatment. The role of the patient a special diet to maintain the conditions of the normal functioning of the digestive system, creating illness and will not return until the time of remission forgiving. Gastritis menu, not much variety for a completely healthy person, but this permission to get a full-fledged diet. Remission diet aggravated symptoms of gastritis that include at least a composition with more complex products.

Food, acute gastritis

Whoever though, sometimes facing the symptoms of the disease, you need to know, proper nutrition, acute gastritis. The main principle of the diet – mechanical, thermal and chemical frugal.

Frugal mechanic is performed the subject a creamy consistency (dishes, floors, blender, boil crushed or soft). Thermal – due to food consumption in a hot state (hot or cold units is forbidden). The optimum temperature of the food, there will be near normal body temperature (36-37 °C). Frugal chemical – products because of exceptions, can promote the secretion of gastric juice parietal cells (salted, smoked, spicy, fried or mucous membranes aggressive effects themselves (e.g., bell pepper, radish, mustard).

In the period of exacerbation of chronic gastritis and fit any food must be fractional. Table 1 was developed specifically for situations such as this the basis. Diet no. 1 "Bottom", need to be taken into account that different degrees of importance are increased. If gastritis the ruins of other digestive diseases, for example colitis, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, represent or reflux-gastritis acute stage of Patient No. 5 is happening in the translation table.

Basic nutritional diseases, stomach – this soup, especially the mucous membranes, jelly, puree, and chopped tomatoes as well. Thermal processing, cooking, steam cooking. Of time very silent, you can prepare a meal in the oven without training a shell.

In the period of exacerbation of gastritis diet

During the acute stages of gastritis diet the body should contain the vitamins and minerals needed for a speedy recovery. It is important to eat enough protein is I was getting sick. For this need, the damaged mucosa, the stomach and other organs heal faster not, there is a lack of protein.

Attended by note to create the menu diet vitamins A, B, C, D, E. the need for facilities for the fractional diet, relieve stomach-intestinal tract.

What diet for acute gastritis

Table 1 determination of number of acute gastritis. But remember, diet, gastritis, low, high and normal acidity, there are some differences. It is important to note that such a factor and the presence or absence of as-related illnesses. Therefore, schemes that are corrected in the period of exacerbation of nutrition table no. 2, 3, 5a, 5b. Very quiet, tables are changing:

1-3 days Table no: 1a
4 -7 days Table No. 1B
8 days and more Table No: 1

Acute products and during meals

During exacerbation of gastritis, the main menu must meet requirements:

  • meals should be light;
  • the food is absolutely crushed;
  • holiday meals should be between. maximum 3.5 to 4 hours.

This disease is increasing while dieting boiled and cooked vegetables, grain, liquid soups. To start, the most forgiving meals to move after a normal diet, but preferably completely eliminate (or even after it healed) sharp spices, excessive amounts of salt, smoked meats, alcohol. All this uncomfortable, the stomach wall, and gastritis may aggravate at any time.

During the acute phase what

General principles on food you need to prepare meals steamed or stewing, to make them rubbed, or mucous membranes. These food types will not harm the stomach wall, easily digested foods that are digested quickly.

Acute gastritis may be about nutrition is this:

Product More useful
Slimy soup The wall cover, and stomach;

is well digested;

to provide the body the necessary ingredients

Boiled vegetables True to a thermal treatment required to give and the amount of vitamins, fiber
Lean meat Feed protein.

At first these meatballs ground beef fillet, turkeys, rabbits, turkeys.

The slices of boiled meat department

Honey However, the need for carbohydrates

You must have all meals. without the use of hot spices was prepared. Consumed in small amounts to let's sweets – candy, fruit juices are made, delight, jams, jellies. Kefir and fermented baked milk, you cannot use the first 2-3 days after the start of it could be a while. You can cook these days mucus or liquid milk cereal, milk. Then added a daily, low-fat yogurt, fermented baked milk for a few days.

The plug is at stake vegetables

Banned during the acute phase of gastritis and diet products

That assumes a special menu during the acute phase of gastritis diet. Gawd forbids, such as fresh fruits and vegetables banned in the sharp period of a very disturbing stomach.

Cannot be consumed carbonated drinks, tea. Forbidden, coffee, chocolate, cocoa. Caffeinated products, narrows blood vessels, so why another spasm, emerging or increasing pain.

Symptoms of gastritis as time passes after the start of the treatment, however, you need to follow a diet for long, the gastric mucosa has been completely re-back functions.

Diet acute gastritis the excess of acid with

Acute acute gastritis nutrition the excess of acid must be the same as with peptic ulcer disease. Such is called gastritis hyperacidity. Essence is disease, excess production, hydrochloric acid. Begin the inflammatory process of the mucosa, thanks to training centres occurs similar view small ulcers burns may occur.

Therefore, the patient must have no effect on mucous the products menu by forcing the stomach to produce more hidden. Must apply to the patient on a diet:

  • fish stew and a couple of fish for low-fat varieties;
  • grain water (hard-boiled);
  • personal;
  • a couple of omelettes.

If you want a vegetable eye, a diet to include them, but only as pure. Perfect mashed potatoes. This satisfying, nutritious, uncomfortable, sick to the stomach.

Diet acute gastritis, low acid

Menu, in the period of exacerbation of the gastritis low acidity is a little different. The goal here is to produce more secretes in force. Patients with hypoacid gastritis, a deficiency of B vitamins (especially B₁₂), C, PP. Bad stomach protected "occupation" a small amount of gastric juice due to the microorganisms that causes the disease. Gastritis can degrade a atroficeskom acid is almost nil.

Sometimes it's a bit of salted fish to add to your diet to stimulate the stomach. To minimize the effects, slow digestion, remove diet, you must to:

  • fresh bread;
  • legumes;
  • mushrooms;
  • pancakes;
  • greasy meat.

Duty doctor-patient – to prevent fermentation and help your stomach work more efficiently. Food also should be chopped, and warm. Meals – every 3.5 hours.

Diet acute gastritis with concomitant pathology

Chronic gastritis often together with other diseases, for example chronic pancreatitis, disease of the gall bladder. During the diet gastritis aggravation of requirements for designing such a menu, the way it should, the treatment of concomitant disease.

Pumpkin soup

Menu acute gastritis and stomach ulcers

So, diet, acute gastritis and stomach ulcers – this fractional eat smaller meals. Type menu may contain dishes soup or pumpkin soup broccoli – shaped with two soup.

Çanakkale milk noodles. Rice porridge milk, semolina, wheat porridge, are allowed too. Acute gastritis required the use of grain noodles. A safe and quick snack if needed – best to use baby food. Yes, the purposes, and, yes, more secure, faster porridge.

Human diet, the patient's chronic gastritis, should be fruits and vegetables, however, are accepted only when they are in the period of exacerbation, baked and boiled, and in small quantities.

Food should be like, the patient experienced hunger, otherwise it starts to hang the "open" pain, the inflammatory process is delayed.

Nutrition, acute gastritis and pancreatitis

Diet, is slightly different from acute gastritis and pancreatitis. In this case, after the reduction of the amount of calories the crisis, for permission to buy their own food when you are ill, until it is reduced by 1500 days. Slowly, as the disease clears up, the calorie content increases.

The patient is allowed, diet food, well cooked rice, soup, low-fat broth, a little later – it's pure cheese.

Fluids – weak tea, more Yesil, compote, dried fruit, pudding.

Diet gastritis, cholecystitis, during the acute phase

Cholecystitis is the flow of bile is interrupted, therefore, treatment should be aimed at reducing this kind of a lot of bile, which is required for food processing. Acute gastritis, no diet based on the principles of nutrition Table 5. If the gallbladder is inflamed, therefore, the most appropriate type of TA on a diet, you want to call "table 5a". On the contrary, table 5b, a proposed pancreatitis — a little less to get food, this is not necessary grinding mashed full status.

Menu a week of acute gastritis the excess of acid with

Accounting, a diet that must be followed the menu every day, acute gastritis with high acidity, to remember: a lot of different power, because the monotony is forbidden them, therefore in a number of ways to master the same meal, but in different ways.

A weekly menu is similar to the following.

The day of the week     Food intake
  One Two Three Four Five
One Weak tea and crackers Omelet Pumpkin soup If you don't want a baked apple Yogurt
Two A glass of warm milk Buckwheat porridge Chicken stew Kefir Oatmeal
Three Dried tea with a slice of bread Lor Soup-puree any If you don't want a baked apple Fish stew
Four Chicory, milk, crisp bread steam Porridge Omelet Lor Crackers with pudding
Five Oatmeal, tea Baked pears Steam meatballs Tea, cream, soufflés Kefir
Six Any liquid or puree Mashed potatoes Stuffed cabbage Tea, jujube Lor
Seven Nonfat yogurt Semolina porridge Noodles with milk Steamed fish Boiled vegetables

Diet acute gastritis, low acid: weekly menu

Proper nutrition, acute and chronic gastritis, low acid contains a slimy pureed vegetables and soup. Acute gastritis but a wider variety of menu for a week, more in the case of hyperacidity gastritis.

The day of the week     Food intake
  One Two Three Four Five
One Boiled eggs, tea Lor Chicken soup


Baked pears Cooked in yoghurt or milk
Two Weak tea, jam, dried bread with some yogurt Rice porridge Chicken stew Mashed potatoes,

salted fish

Three Dried tea with a slice of bread Lor Soup-puree any If you don't want a baked apple Fish stew
Four Chicory, milk, crisp bread steam Porridge Omelet Lor Crackers with pudding
Five Oatmeal, tea Baked pears Steam meatballs Tea, cream, soufflés Kefir
Six Any liquid or puree Mashed potatoes Stuffed cabbage Tea, jujube Lor
Seven Nonfat yogurt Semolina porridge Noodles with milk Steamed fish Boiled vegetables

Acute dietary extends slowly fading. But the disclaimer that you should always remember salt and spices. Recommended if sufficient power is not necessary if additional meals (small amounts but more frequently).

The recipes of the dishes for the diet chronic gastritis

Diet for patients gastritis in the period of exacerbation of these foods makes it easier to digest and is digested like food.

You can open the patient menu, milk, noodles.

Noodle milk recipe

The recipe is very simple: it is necessary to boil some milk in a saucepan, diluted in water (that is, that is, less than half). Cook over low heat, then pour small pasta in 10 minutes. Add a bit of salt. Soak.

Rice porridge

Raisins rice porridge recipe

Nov raisin – dish, dinner, and breakfast and afternoon tea.

Watch the rice, pour cold water and milk, cook, and socialize it so. They then throw the puree to wait a few raisins and a bit softened. Serve the mousse in the form of heat.

Omelette recipe

Taking 2 egg cup, everyone who knows knows add few tablespoons of milk and a little water. Mix well, such a homogeneous situation. Pour in a skillet preheated over, close the cover.

Chicken soup recipe

The necessary source second soup, a chicken leg, be sure to remove the foam, add finely chopped carrots and potatoes. To add a bow because of the stomach irritation.

Acute gastritis during the power mode of the correct value cannot be overestimated. Diet foods should be included in the diet, steamed, without salt spices and very little sugar. Proper nutrition – there is no collateral, fast recovery. Even if you have some weight those extra pounds.

If taken, gastritis, frightened, it's not worth. Yes, difficult, but can be climbed to a stage to be overcome. Just patience to perform proper diet and your doctor's advice. Gastritis will then continue for a long time.