Best exercise for belly and side

We offer to your attention the article in hand and side abdominal exercises. You will learn how exercise or starvation and they better contribute to the process of slimming diets. The selection of a familiar approach, exercise, and personal characteristics which should be taken into account. Some basic and familiar as well as effective exercises, you can easily perform yourself at home.

Physical load

Exercise lead to weight loss

Exercise plays an important role overweight and obese fighting with for the following reasons:

  • Promote the exercise of active energy occurs because of a burning the body fat. And in this way the smaller amount of fat mobilization and body.
  • A person sits in a low-calorie diet, the body energy reserves to maintain a physiological reaction includes protective prevents weight loss, especially diet, is very tiring and there's a guy with him a long time. During physical exertion, this is not happening, and weight loss is faster and more efficient.
  • Divisions of the sympathetic nervous system and promote exercise increase the metabolic rate. In this case the amount spent and the energy consumed by the body, which leads to this a weight loss.
  • Also worth noting is that a regular load to develop physical and mental and emotional mood, make the man, active and cheerful, life is much more interesting and bright.

How to get the best workout for yourself

Proper exercise specialists to get into account the following features:

  • If you want to give up the value of an extra burden on the slopes with a thin waist. This exercise helps the abdominal muscles and the side oblique of intensive growth, so waist size will increase. Such an exercise, rather, to increase the odds of wanting more children for your own body suitable for girls.
Proper nutrition
  • A circle is considered as effective for the facility plus the female the defect fighting abdominal fat, but there is a danger which note: for fixed installation plus sagging female pelvic provoke a circle.
  • The decision to perform exercise with additional weight cannot make sudden movements with the folded side in the process.
  • Dealing with excess weight, so cardio abdomen and along the sides. This exercise will strengthen your metabolism and encourage this intense burning body fat. A preferred range of caring stress.
  • Recommended additional installs can be combined with physical exercise.
  • The process load required to monitor the oblique abdominal muscles, which should not be excessive.

Best exercise

Out there that allow you to do various exercises to slim the waist and beautiful.


The twist can be called the most famous press.

  • To accomplish this, you need a yacht or a mat on a flat surface and your knees (feet should be positioned where).
  • Friends, your hands behind your head, take a deep breath, tap again to me again insanely housing, gender, and power lines to pull his feet.
  • Exhale and then back down to the starting position.
  • It is advisable to do 2-3 repetitions and 10 approach.

Reverse twist

    So cardio
  • To do this, lie on your back, bend feet, knees and feet to put on the ground.
  • To position your hands throughout the body.
  • Now you need to raise the legs so that the thigh perpendicular to the ground and settled at the end of the knee towards the chest moved.
  • Rupture foot sex, breath, and every time you put a foot and half took a breath.
  • Recommended to do, 10 reps of 3 approach.

Oblique twist

  • Necessary to make a flat surface to sleep, your hands, your head and bend your legs, touch the floor with the toes to the knee.
  • Now, body lift, reaching your right elbow to the left knee out. The left part of the body should stay on the floor.
  • Full motion again or the exact opposite: reach the left elbow to the right knee to the right part of the body where it remained.
  • You need to make an approach at least 15 repetitions.


At first glance, this simple exercise, working towards the abdominal muscles, hips and lower back.

  • Way to take a position on the floor of the elbows, knees, and toes about the ground relied on.
  • Neck and spine should be arrayed in a line of view looking forward and they're not.
  • Then tap again and again the need to be located in this position from the ground knee me insanely 30 minutes. Important for breathing, it was normal.
  • Position the slats on each side and the edge you do workout a go then 30 seconds.
  • Paul relied on the palms feet and position to take it again.
  • Motion of the center of gravity of the right body part. On the right hand should be bent upright.
  • Put the left foot, keeping the right foot flat, raise the right hip.
  • Twist
  • In such a position is supposed to be 30 seconds. Then 1-2 minutes to carry out the plan.
  • Is another side to repeat exercise.

Lunges with folded boxes

For this exercise suitable for beginners.

  • Step forward with your left foot and her knee bend. This will do for right Nov hip stretching exercises.
  • A camping ground in front of you parallel to your hands for yourself.
  • Then again warming step left foot forward, and an imaginary chair and sit down. Back the right leg and foot stay in contact with the ground. In doing so, you can leave the back flat first, and then to make the swivel housing.
  • Such a move another foot.
  • Repeat this motion 15 times.

Tilt in different directions

  • Flat feet you need to perform to make exercise a put together.
  • Lift your hands up and over the head.
  • Most tilt, of tobacco, trunk and pressed the left in this position for 15 seconds. I feel compelled to stretching the right body parts.
  • Back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise, the body tilting to the right.
  • Hold position and then extend the time, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Another fun exercise to do during the exercise empowers you to Nov, wife.

  • To have to perform, on all fours.
  • Lunges with folded boxes
  • Press and relax, take a deep breath.
  • Inhale and exhale, stretched, and strong stomach's.
  • You need to keep your wife in this position for at least 15 seconds.

For the tips is a good activity

Exercise has been effective, the following guidelines apply:

  • Exercise to slowly increase the intensity. If you have regular exercise for your body, not just the burden of compliance, but also more durable. Therefore the facility will be located at least 1 times a week, running, kayaking, biking or power load. This helps in the more effective way to burn extra calories and improve metabolism.
  • Give preference to outdoors pursuits. This incentive not only weight loss but also a healthier body overall.
  • Important to plan lessons. In this way, time to get ready in advance and start exercise. Because you need to decide to do this, apparel, shoes, stock, water. For most uses, you need to prepare an appropriate workout music better.
  • The power to lose weight an important role, therefore you must set. For example, experts C to your diet including more vegetables, watercress, providing your body to recover faster after a grueling workout, and dark chocolate. Important as well as drinking clean water in enough quantity (at least 2 liters).
  • Neglect exercise. Warm up first with basic training necessary for the Nov. This will minimize tissue pains and possible injuries to reduce starting delayed to Nov. It is recommended to do the course then streamers Nov.
  • Distracted by the conversation it's not worth it in this period. The important concentrate in the course of making them the most effective and correct. This applies in particular in your group if you minded.
  • Adjust your diet is not only important, but normal during rest and sleep the body will be yourself at the same time, relax and recover.
    Power to lose weight an important role
  • Workout coach help you better pick yourself up it difficult, very affordable and efficient will be able to deliver a complex, sensitive personal characteristics and requests. And most importantly — this is a continuity. Better a given exercise for 20 minutes a day, not do anything more. This is the hardest part, especially at the beginning of the road, after your class when faced with bad when a person with sensations, and fatigue.

How fast and how much weight

Because it is too hard to talk about specific numbers depends on the result of the election, exercise frequency, and exercise intensity, and also a lifestyle, a way will be during this period. Also individual body features can not be ignored.

There is one thing for sure: your workout will be intense and persistent changes are already visible a week later: health status will improve the body's overall body and Nov. For this reason, you may lose in a month, 4 kg, and mean waist will be less than boca.

Attention! Most importantly, desire, and persistence. And the result is a more efficient workout you can do, hiking and so much emphasis on cardio.