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  • Ana
    Weight 13 kg over 2 months. It's not about diet and exercise, just hosted keto guru 2 months before Dec. Metabolic processes in the tablet back to me, you saved me excess fluid, normalize cholesterol and sugar. Now I'm wearing a dress 2 sizes too small, slim and sexy, and what I want.
  • Dumitru
    18 kg isn't overweight and I lose weight! Gets sick of fad diets, starvation because chronic gastritis is contraindicated. Sports can't be long — the joint starts you say. I read comments about the forum Keto Gurudecided to try. It took almost 4 weeks already drinking 9 kg. And most importantly, it's my stomach that feels good.
  • Ion
    Had serious problems with pressure and sugar, the doctor said I need to get rid of weight in the first place! I can't gain weight, will one lifetime is not enough to give up your favorite dishes! His wife suggested and then try Keto Guru. During this period he took approximately 20 kg in 2 months with out pills Dec! And again, normal sugar, blood pressure, shortness of breath and left.
  • Maria
    One month minus 7 kg keto guru!!! Forced to never leave me fastfood. Over the course 2 weeks ago, going yet, as is usually the case, cancellation, slimming drugs. To order a second packet Keto Guru. Good luck to everyone!
  • Viorica
    During menopause, I got a lot of weight. After a long attempt to weight - nothing helped. Depression is scary. She brought up her daughter me Keto Guruhe took the output off after a birth. Sounds like and old back weight. It hasn't really gone at 2 months, 4 spaced.
Comments Keto Guru