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No Dietetics Romania. Its sad to experience something like I did. More precisely, I have it, but they're all telling each other about nothing incomprehensible level restrictive diets, a lot to sit, and ultimately helps no one.

Then a second pregnancy and the baby's birth 30 years I have bought 32 kg! Before that, it is pretty thin. So far I have the baby breastfeed, this village of solace ourselves, here's your hormones coming back to normal and back to her beautiful figure. But everything turned out much more difficult.

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For 15 years I have tried everything. compared to what they lose some weight:

  • Every diet: wheat, corn, Japanese, kefir Dukan protein. I've just tried even with hunger!
  • I went to a gym regularly, doing water aerobics, belly dancing! I went right there, like a weight, albeit very slowly, but only for a moment, I didn't get busy – turn weight stronger.
  • Miracle cocktail of various saws, cleaning the body though, goji berries, coffee Yesil. How Thu, massage – general, led an active war overweight. BUT NOTHING HELPED. Money by just waiting in vain!

Already hands and then fell, with her sister I met at a birthday party, and at the same time, our famous dietitians. I told him their problem and advised me try that too effervescent tablets Keto Guru (Bio-attenuation due to fat burning natural additive), told how it is used, he warned, the result will be just what regular drug use.

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I don't know why, but I believed him and order these pills. And get them out here. The pill, a little sweet, no chemical taste, nice. The intake circuit is very simple - before meals 1 tablet a day.

In three weeks I lost 10 pounds in one kg. in this case it's something I did not. Draghi what a little fat so eat sweet. I've lost 2 pounds in the next week and still have 4 kg. in total I lost 28 pounds and still later I ordered the course and kg! Without any effort!


Cute woman relax and enjoy life, and Keto Guru attention figure! Diets and endless torment yourself enough to cry at night pillow. It's time for a change!